3.6. AL ATAQUEI like to see teaching and learning as a team sport. Particularly when learning a second language, students benefit from regular practice with their teammates. I see myself as a coach, developing exercises and guiding my students as they work together to develop their skills. I believe that it is my responsibility to provide the tools to “get into the language game,” regardless of the level of the course, whether it be language, literature, linguistics or culture. I do this by creating a classroom environment which reflects my core teaching values: fostering a team mentality, providing a dynamic learning environment, and making connections to the outside world.

Keys to my foreign language instruction strategies:

  • Student-centered instruction
  • Technology-enhanced lessons
  • Creative task-based activities

I particularly like to teach and use drama in the class. Here are a few plays my Advanced Grammar and Composition students wrote and performed:

La clase de la gran ocasion from Ariel Schindewolf on Vimeo.